dueeventi is an Italian project promoting Art Therapy, its knowledge & applications. We design and organize individual and group workshops, as well as webinars, exhibitions, we publish books and publications. Co-founders are Silvana Castellucchio e Massimo Negri, Art therapists.
Silvana Castellucchio
With a degree in Philosophy (1999, University degli Studi, Milan Italy), she has been working in multinational Companies as HR Manager for 20 years. Meanwhile she is a visual artist, a painter. In 2019 the business knowledge and the artistic one are merged by becoming an Art Therapist. In 2020, in collaboration with the colleague Massimo Nergri, she co-founds the Art therapy Association DUEEVENTI. She works as Company trainer.
Since 2018 she has been collaborating with LabTalento, Italian Laboratory of Research and Development of Potential, Talent and Intellectual Giftedness. 
Giftedness is familiar to her and becomes the focus of he activities and researches. In 2022 she founds the European Art Therapy group dedicated to Giftednees & Art Therapy.
APIArT (Italian Association of Professional Art therapists) member n°528.
EFAT (European Federation of Art Therapy) member n°
​​​​​​​. She is Mensa Italia member .
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A degree in Architecture in 1995 (Politecnico of Milan, Italy), in 2007 he founded the architectural Studio 'dnpr architetti associati', together with the colleagues Giuseppe M. Di Giuda, Chiara Pagano and Giovanni Ripamonti. He is in charge of school buildings, museums exhibitions and graphic design. The love for art and for people have been his main attributes since childhood, and led him to the degree in Art Therapy in in 2020. In the same year he is the co-founder of the  Art therapy Association DUEEVENTI, with the colleague Silvana Castellucchio. 
He is a children books' illustrator, such as “The alphabet of wonders”. He volunteers in the field of disability. He has a dog.
He works as Art therapist in private practice and in the social field. He collaborates with LabTalento, Italian Laboratory of Research and Development of Potential, Talent and Intellectual Giftedness. APIArT (Italian Association of Professional Art therapists) member n°542 and regional coordinator.
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